Outdoor Services Crew

Monday, November 29, 2010

Russian Olive Mitigtion on the South Campus

This November we continued to mitigate our population of Russian Olive trees in the South Campus properties.  Russian Olive trees are considered a Class B Noxious Weed by the state of Colorado which requires all property owners to engage in management of the species.   For this round of removals we utilized a group of CU student volunteers organized with help from the CU Environmental Center.  We had 8 volunteers and the help of several staff members which allowed us to eliminate at least 15 trees many of which were large multistem trees that had been producing a lot of seed. 

Russian Olive trees outcompete and displace native vegetation, interrupt natural plant succession, disturb nutrient cycling in the soil, and tax water resources.  It is our long range goal to minimize the impact of Russian Olive trees on our South Campus properties and allow native trees and shrubs to repopulate the creek banks thereby creating a healthier, and more native, riparian ecosystem.  This was a small, but important, early step on that path.

Thanks to all who helped on the project!