Outdoor Services Crew


Outdoor Services Teams     

Turf Management

Responsibilities: All Aspects of turf maintenance, overseeding, sodding, and weed, disease and insect control. During the non-growing season this team will perform asphalt maintenance service to campus streets. 

Irrigation Management

Responsibilities: All aspects of irrigation maintenance including ditch operation, irrigation reservoir operation, pump station operation, main and lateral line piping and valves, Toro Network 8000 clocks and stand alone clocks. Also operation of the Toro Network 8000 central irrigation control computer this includes inspection and determination of the amounts of water to apply and where for each night. 

Main Campus Grounds Crew

Responsibilities: All aspects of grounds and landscape maintenance including trash and litter control, weed control, trimming and edging of beds and turf areas, annual and perennial plant cultivation, fertilization, mulching, landscape bed renovations, tree and shrub pruning. This group also performs the above functions for several campus groups under maintenance agreements.            

East Campus Grounds Crew

Responsibilities: The East Campus Crew is responsible for all aspects of grounds and landscape maintenance including trash and litter control, noxious and common weed control, edging and trimming of turf and planting areas, turf mowing, annual and perennial plant cultivation, fertilization, mulching, landscape bed renovations, tree and shrub pruning, and native (riparian) area maintenance. This group maintains several areas under maintenance agreements with other campus organizations. 

Arboriculture Management

Responsibilities: All aspects of tree maintenance on all campus properties. This will include planting, pruning and shaping, disease and insect control, tree removals, stump removals, storm damage mitigation, and hazard evaluations and mitigation.

Equipment Management

Responsibilities: This team provides support to all Facilities Management shops for heavy equipment operation. This team also provides maintenance and equipment repair services for all small engine equipments and heavy equipment for Outdoor Services. 

Maintenance Technicians

Responsibilities: This team provides support services to the Grounds Teams for areas that have the need for higher levels of maintenance than can be delivered by the Grounds Teams. They provide trash and recycle receptacle servicing and maintenance, ash urn servicing and maintenance, bus stop and shelter servicing and maintenance, graffiti and posting removal and mitigation, ADA structure maintenance, Boulder Creek riparian area maintenance, trench and chase drain cleaning, window well cleaning and monitoring, landscape structure maintenance and installation, and hardscape maintenance and installation. 

Planning and Scheduling Management

Responsibilities: This position provides administrative support services to all Outdoor Services Teams. Performance and Maintenance of FAMIS based information systems functions.

Snow Removal Operations

Responsibilities: All members of the Outdoor Services team are responsible for all aspects of snow removal including hand shoveling, small plow operation, liquid and granualar ice abatement applications, large street plowing and snow removal.