Outdoor Services Crew

About the Crew

Don Inglis
Outdoor Services Manager
New England was home for me until I came to Colorado to do my internship at Hiwan Golf Club as part of the Turfgrass Management program I attended at Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass- Amherst.  I relocated to Denver and have been working in the green industry here since 1980.  My professional experience has grown through working at Denver CC, Cherry Hills CC, and Lone Tree GC in a variety of positions including 20 years as a Golf Course Superintendent.  Through ongoing education, I attained the designation of Class A Superintendent.  During my career in golf course management, I acquired a Qualified Supervisor License from the Colorado Department of Agriculture and continue to hold this license.  I have also acquired knowledge in commercial property management and landscape construction through employment in both areas.

I joined the Outdoor Services team here at the University of Colorado in June 2009 as the Outdoor Services Manager.  As the Manager, my focus is directed towards:
Planning for and providing a physical and operational environment that supports the University of Colorado at Boulder's mission of education, research, and outreach.
Leading our team to be a progressive, customer-focused organization that is recognized as a national leader in service and the stewardship of resources.
Ensure that the Outdoor Services Team provides high quality, professional grounds and landscape services to enhance a safe, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious campus.

Ryan Heiland
Outdoor Services Assistant Manager
Turfgrass Manager
I have been with Outdoor Services since Jan. 2002. I've been in Turfgrass Management since 1994 and graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Turfgrass Management. I did my internship at Cherry Hills Country Club and worked for 7 years at The Country Club at Castle Pines. I worked with Arapahoe Pumping Service where I installed and repaired pump stations on golf courses and municipal locations which led me to the University.

The Turf Management Crew consists of 10.5 full-time staff and is responsible for turf management cultural practices, irrigation, mowing operations, chemical applications, heavy equipment operation, and equipment maintenance, throughout the entire CU-Boulder Campus.

Zac Cameron
Turfgrass Manager
Originally from NE Ohio, my turfgrass and education experience began at The Ohio State University.  I earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in 2001 and worked for the Athletic Department in Field Maintenance for three years prior to re-locating to Colorado in 2001.  I started with CU Outdoor Services in January 2002 as a front line employee on the East Campus Crew.  In September of 2003 I became the Assistant Turfgrass Manager, eventually leading to the Turfgrass Manager position in March of 2013.  I have a Turfgrass Management Certificate from Front Range Community College and also hold a Qualified Supervisors License for chemical applications from the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

My staff implements the turf management cultural practices, mowing operations, chemical applications, and equipment operations & maintenance.  I work in close coordination with our Irrigation Manager for our watering needs on campus.  My staff  of seven includes two with Landscape Horticulture Degrees with emphasis in Turf Management, two with Certified Operator licenses for chemical applications from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and all with multiple years of Sports Turf, Golf Course, Equipment Operation and Repair, and Landscape certifications and experience.

Scott Redder
Outdoor Services Main Campus Supervisor
Originally from Grand Lake, CO, I joined the Outdoor Services team at CU in 2013.  My Bachelor of Science is a Horticulture degree in Turfgrass from Colorado State University.  I also earned another bachelor degree in communications from Colorado Mesa University in 2002.

I worked in golf course maintenance for over fifteen years and became the Superintendent of Grand Lake Golf Course.  During that time, I acquired my Qualified Supervisors License from Colorado Department of Agriculture with endorsements in turfgrass, ornamentals and industrial right of way.

I currently oversee two teams that maintain the grounds on the main campus.  The east and west main campus teams each consist of five fulltime employees.  My group can grow to include as many as twenty four student employees during high maintenance periods.  These teams plant and maintain annual and perennial beds, clean building entries, mitigate graffiti, control trash and litter, and shovel snow. 

Dave Laliberte
Outdoor Services East Campus Supervisor
Originally from the midwest, I attended Lake Forest College near Chicago where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies.  I started my career with the University of Colorado in 2000 when I became the East Campus Supervisor, the position which I currently hold.

I currently supervise the East Campus Grounds Crew and the Campus Tree Crew.  Our duties include landscape maintenance, mowing operations, tree maintenance and planting, and noxious weed management of native and riparian areas.  My areas of responsibility include the East Campus, Research Park, and CU-South Campus.  My staff includes a Certified Arborist and a lead worker with an Associates Degree in Applied Science in Horticulture.  I have a total of 6.5 full-time staff.

Vince Aquino
Certified  Arborist
I am originally from Chicago, but I've lived in Colorado for over 20 years.  My  education and background in tree care has come from Colorado State University, Front Range Community College, and the University of Colorado.  I am a Certified Arborist, registered through the International Society of Arboriculture since 2003.  I started with CU Outdoor Services in 1997 as a seasonal worker and then became full-time in 1998.  I became the CU-Boulder Campus Arborist in 2005.

Our tree care efforts are bolstered by an Assistant Arborist for six months of the year.  I am also supported by our zone supervisors and their crew labor resources throughout the campus, as well as by the Campus Landscape Architect.  At times, we work closely with the City of Boulder's Forestry Department as well as other campus departments within the University of Colorado.

The principle goals we pursue for our campus' urban forest include; pruning trees for health and aesthetics, identification and management of hazards in our trees, removal of dying or dead trees, planting and cultivation of new trees, monitoring and management of insect and disease outbreaks, minimizing construction damage to trees, and the installation of trees for the memorial site program on campus.

Alan Nelson
Senior Grounds Specialist
I grew up in the Midwest and got into landscaping as a summer job during high school and eventually decided to make it a career choice.  In 1983 I received my degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Milwaukee Area Technical College and was recognized as the Outstanding Student in Landscape Contracting.  I moved to Colorado to work for a large commercial landscape contractor, a very educational experience in its own right. 

In 1986 I was hired as the Grounds Supervisor for The University of Colorado- Boulder.  The position's responsibilities grew over time and I eventually became the work unit manager for all aspects of the Outdoor Services operation.  In 2009 I accepted a re-assignment to a Senior Grounds Specialist role and currently enjoy performing a number of various support roles for our work unit.  I have a real appreciation of the wide variety (and history) of trees on campus, am a frequent host for campus tree tours, and I am the current chair of our Tree Campus USA committee.

Marsha Burch
Administrative Assistant
I made a drastic career change when joining Facilities Management in the Outdoor Services group.  And I am thrilled that I did.  Previously, I worked as a manager and Senior Program Manager at Sun Microsystems for eleven years.  My last project was converting Sun's legacy software to Oracle 11i with a successful global deployment in 2008.

I studied Journalism at the University of Georgia and graduated from the University of Colorado with an Arts and Sciences degree.  I have worked as a news reporter for several newspapers but found feature article writing the most enjoyable.

My husband and I have owned several Boulder businesses ranging from very technical (Computer Source) to fun and artistic (POSH).  We are very happy that POSH (an art and wine studio) continues under new ownership on Pearl Street as a source for people to express themselves through painting.

My new role at CU is Administrative Assistant.  I assist everyone on the team using my organizational and communication skills.  My focus is to support the group and assist wherever I can.  It's the dream job I was looking for.