Outdoor Services Crew

Monday, February 28, 2011

Compost Tea Brewers

We have received all of our parts for this project and have started the installation of the brewers into the pump stations. The pics you see are of the actual brew tank itself. You will also notice the large bag hanging in the center of the tank, this is where you place the compost-also known as the 'tea bag.'

These systems were extremely well built, everything went together perfectly. We are very excited to start using this product during the growing season.

These brewers are very simplistic design and are built for ease of cleaning. After each batch is brewed and injected you need to clean all of the parts. It is very important to clean all of the pipes after the brew to ensure you dont get unwanted organisms growing in the systems, which could potentially contaminate the next brew cycle.

I have attached a video below provided by the manufacture we purchased our systems from. It provides more detail of how the brew is made and some information related to compost tea brewing as well.