Outdoor Services Crew

Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Install

Well the day has come. After three months of planning and procuring the necessary parts needed to install the compost tea brewers, the first system has been installed. We took a fair amount of time trying to identify all the piping needs, including a way to fill the tanks without having to hold a hose in each tank. The benefit of having these installed in the pump stations is that we can take advantage of the non-chlorinated water that is used to irrigate campus. If we were to use domestic water it would be necessary to go through a de-chlorinization period where you run the blowers and let the chlorine out-gas from the water. This process usually takes 24 hours. If we use our ditch water, we will not have to do this step.

You can see from the picture above they are pretty intricate systems. Our staff did an amazing job with the installation and it turned out looking very clean and professional.

Thanks to everyone who helped support this program through funding and labor!