Outdoor Services Crew

Friday, April 17, 2015

Wrapped up and going to a new home!

Tree selection is serious business for CU arborists (Vince Aquino and Joel Serafin).  On a recent visit to a local nursery, they found six trees perfect for campus.  With the location planned and trees picked out, it was time to truck the trees home. Neither rain nor snow will get in the way if it is time to plant.  Wrapped and ready for transport are 2 State Street Maples, 1 Bur Oak and 3 Montmorency Cherry trees.
Joel Serafin with one of the State Street Maples selected for CU

The local nursery wraps and secures the trees for transport
The plastic containers are removed before loading onto the CU truck
Inspection by Joel Serafin confirms that trees are loaded on the truck properly
Heading for a new home at the University of Colorado Boulder campus