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Friday, January 7, 2011

New Chemical Storage Facility

CU Facilities Management Chemical Storage Facility
In December of 2006, an already inadequate designated chemical storage area was being looked at to add more space.  Through several discussions a decision was made to pursue a stand alone chemical storage facilty rather than increase the space in the designated area.  One of the key factors in this decision was that it allowed several departments to combine scattered sattelite storage areas into one centralized and secured location.  A secondary benefit to this deciscion also helped us reduce our storage of outdated and unusable materials.  After funding was secured, it was time to get to work on deciciding which standards we wanted for the building, and, where we were going to locate it.
Area outlined to be demoed.
We needed a location close to our Grounds Building, which was the most centralized location for the different departments that would occupy space here.  Other key factors that we focused on included, but were not limited to: closest power source, closest water source, available space for mixing with minimal spill risk, accessibility for loading/unloading, and accessibility for emergency personnel in case of an accident.  Taking into account these factors, we decided on a location next to our Grounds Building.  We had to modify the existing location, where we demoed part of a lean-to and ripped out an existing concrete pad.  A new, larger 8" thick concrete pad was poured, capable of supporting a 17,000 lb. building. 

Delivered via flatbed & crane mobilized to unload.
For our building standards, health, safety, and security were key factors in our decision.  We chose a 2-Hour Fire-Rated structure (to contain any fire within) that contained a dry chemical fire supression system, heaters to keep chemicals from freezing/separating/degrading, exhaust fan and inlet vents to circulate airflow,  lighting, and a sub floor for seconday containment.  It also has steel, fire-rated lockable doors and a steel loading ramp for easy access.

Crane had to lift partially over the lean-to for placement.