Outdoor Services Crew

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sod Farm

With a grant from the CU Envrionmental Center Facilities Management recently constructed it's own sod farm. There are many benefits to growing our own sod. We can use our own seed mix, our own fertilization methods and provide a turf that matches existing turf with color and quality. The project took about a month to construct and was designed and built with in house knowledge. We brought in new soil to a depth of 12" to provide the best growing medium for the plant and also remove weed seed that are prevalant in our soil. This sod farm has been used in a couple different locations on campus for landscape repairs. Having our own sod farm has allowed us to choose a specific turfgrass for the new Norlin Sundial plaza and grow it in house, this method will be used in the future for more small projects on campus.